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Remembering Robert Johnson

On this day 73 years ago, the King of Delta Blues, Robert Johnson died near Greenwood, Mississippi. Robert Johnson is today considered a master of the blues, particularly of the Delta blues style; Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones said in 1990, “You want to know how good the blues can get? Well, this is it.” Today we salute a legend and continue to embrace the legacy of music he left behind.

The Global Impact Of Robert Johnson

To illustrate some of the global interest in Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues, you can check out this recent article from Brazil, which includes an interview with Steven Johnson. During the interview, Steven discussed how his grandfather became a master blues artist, and the impact Robert Johnson has had on music. The full article can be translated online from Portuguese to English using Google Translate. Read more at

Robert Johnson: The Man, The Myth, The Music – Video

As we introduce the centennial year festivities for Robert Johnson, The King of The Delta Blues, the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation is proud to introduce the theatrical production of Robert Johnson: The Man, The Myth, The Music starring Vasti Jackson!

The production debuted in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, during Festival South and was produced by the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation and the Hattiesburg Concert Association. The production is a great tool for marketing Mississippi, “The Birthplace of America’s Music” and the unique blues culture created here.

Lastly, the production pays homage to the iconic voice and creativity of Robert Johnson, a young man who was beyond his visionary years.

The Robert Johnson Blues Foundation will introduce the production in the fall at the historic Alamo Theater located on the legendary Farish Street historic district in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.

Robert Johnson Timeline And Official Family Tree

Robert Johnson’s Timeline section has been expanded! The timeline now runs from 1900 when his mother and family members appeared in a census record before his birth, and covers details about Robert’s life, until his untimely death in 1938. The Timeline section also includes Robert Johnson’s official family tree.