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Matthew Davidson Wins Robert Johnson New Generation Award

Teen guitarist and vocalist Matthew Davidson, of Shreveport, has won the 2011 Robert Johnson New Generation Award. Davidson, 13, said it is an honor to be chosen for the award. About 25 young musicians were considered.

“It’s an award given out annually to guitarists 12 to 18 years old that helps young kids like myself keep interested in the blues and respect the blues,” Davidson said. “Robert Johnson is one of the greatest blues players. He kind of started it all and paved the way for so many.”

Steven Johnson, grandson of Robert Johnson and vice president of the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation, said it was Davidson’s style and professionalism that set him apart.

“His style was kind of advanced for his age,” Johnson said. “It was crisp; it was professional. His style with that electric guitar was amazing.”

As winner of the award, Davidson also will receive a Robert Johnson Signature Gibson L-1 guitar and a chance to play at a future foundation event.


Matthew Davidson - Robert Johnson Blues Foundation New Generation Award winner