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‘The Complete Original Masters: Centennial Edition’ – The Associated Press Review

Here is an excerpt from The Associated Press review of Robert Johnson’s “The Complete Original Masters: Centennial Edition”:

“Johnson was no ordinary musician, and justly, Sony’s Legacy division has treated his work with respect and detail. In the box set titled ‘Robert Johnson: The Complete Original Masters, Centennial Edition,’ homage is paid on 100th anniversary year of Johnson’s birth with a dozen 78 rpm replicas of each of his released songs. … To hear the bluesman play classics like ‘Last Fair Deal Gone Down’ and ‘Love In Vain Blues’ on this medium is a treat. The slight crackle from those original recordings feels right at home between the newly etched grooves on a vinyl platter. … Johnson is one of the most important American artists ever recorded. Thus, this sort of packaged adoration seems fitting for a young man who influenced so many.”

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